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Welcome to Sano Canis – Vivian Birlie

Here, you have the opportunity of taking an education as a dog reflexologist. You can also buy the only textbook in the world on reflexology for dogs; “Dog reflexology and acupressure”, which has just been published.

Now it is possible to complete the certified education in Denmark – near Copenhagen – in English. We offer a new and exciting certified education with highly qualified external and internal teachers: veterinarians and a longtime educator with many years of experience in teaching reflexology and acupuncture.

The education is a combination of lectures on e-learning and teaching in Denmark.
NEW: Now it is possible also to take the education in Manchester, England. We start the education in Manchester the 27th of Octobre. Read more

At Sano Canis, you get an education as a dog reflexologist with a professional approach to practicing reflexology and acupressure on dogs as well as applying other complementary treatment such as homeopathic medicine and Bach’s flower remedies. Read more about the education.

It is finally here! The world’s first textbook on reflexology and acupressure for dogs has just been published. The book describes where the dog’s reflex areas are located on the paws clearly and in details, using both text and figures. The technique used on the paws is also carefully described. The different systems are gone through e.g. the nervous system and the immune system. The reader are introduced to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which is the theoretical background for both reflexology and acupressure. Face reflexology, acupressure, treatment of the meridians and homeopathy are also gone through. Several experts within the veterinary field have contributed with the necessary western knowledge for the book. Read more about the book.

Vivian Birlie

Vivian Birlie is both reflexologist and acupuncturist. Since 1997 she has treated both humans and dogs. She has been teaching reflexology and acupuncture since 2000.

During her long-time as an educator, Vivian Birlie has authored a great deal of teaching material. This background, along with 16 years of experience in journalism and technical computer knowledge at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has made Vivian’s newest book, “Dog reflexology and acupressure” possible. The Danish edition was released in August 2016 in Denmark and the English version was published in January 2017.
In January 2018  she published "Tryg og tilfreds" which descibes how you as a dogowner can help your dog (and as a matter of fact cats as well) with pain, discomfort and problems – including behavioral problems.

Vivian teaches at her Sano Canis Institute, which is the only institute in the country which offers a one-year veterinarian certified dog reflexologist education.

On her facebook page you can get good advice how to relieve the most common disorders in dogs and cats. Vivian also gives good advice on the Danish Kennel Club's website and Facebook page.

Vivian also gives lectures - contact her to hear more.