Dog with allergies – Kiwi

Dog with allergies: last chance for Kiwi who had tried everything except reflexology

Kiwi is a 7-year-old labrador who has had severe house dust mite and storage mite allergies for the past 6 years. She has been through a vaccination program without effect, and subsequently received the highest dose of allergy medicine (Atopica) daily for several years. She is washed with allergy shampoo against allergies every week, has her ears rinsed several times a week and her anal glands emptied regularly to avoid problems with inflammatory conditions. Still, she has been biting, scratching and licking herself a lot every day. There were large bare spots on her paws and chin and recurring ear and anal gland problems.

Kiwi´s paw before reflexology – note the hairless areas:

Kiwis pote før

Kiwi´s paw after reflexology – note the hairless areas are gone:

Kiwis pote efter

Another problem was that Kiwi couldn’t control her hind legs after a couple of eye operations, but dragged them behind her when she ran and braked, as well as when going down stairs or walking on slippery floors.

Kiwi had also become less active and very tired over the last year. Rarely played with her toys and she looked sad.

KIWI had reflexology for her allergies

Kiwi received professional reflexology from me once. I also gave Kiwi’s owner good advice and instructed her in how she herself could subsequently give Kiwi reflexology. She was shown some good points from the book “Dog reflexology and acupressure for owners”.

In addition to reflexology, Kiwi’s owner was also advised to switch to BARF feeding (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) due to the storage mite allergy.

It has now been almost 2 months since the 1st time with professional reflexology and starting with BARF feeding, and Kiwi has felt so much better. She basically doesn’t scratch and bite herself anymore, so her paws and chin have got fine hair again. Her legs are feeling much better too. In addition, Kiwi has started to play with her toy every day and seems significantly healthier.

Kiwi´s chin before reflexology – note the hairless areas:

Kiwis hage før

Kiwi´s chin after reflexology – note the hairless areas are gone:

Kiwis hage efter

Kiwi’s owner still gives Kiwi reflexology regularly, otherwise she starts scratching and biting herself again and has problems with her legs. It has been extremely stressful and burdensome for Kiwi’s owner Heidi, who therefore wants to help others in the same situation.

If you have an allergic dog and want to get in touch with Heidi and hear about her experience, you can contact Sano Canis, who will forward the contact:

Contact me.




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