Dog with stomach problems – Meg

Dog with stomach problems – Meg

Meg had severe stomach problems – she:

  • Would not eat
  • Vomited
  • Was so swollen that she had difficulty lying on her stomach
  • Was very tired and just wanted to lie in the basket all day.

On this pic you see how swollen Meg is. This is before reflexology.

Dog with stomach problems

The first blood sample 4th January showed that Meg’s liver count (ALT) was very elevated. IT WAS 1308 AND THE NORMAL RANGE IS 0-40. An X-ray showed an enlarged liver, but the cause was unknown.

Dog with stomach problems



The vet gave her adrenocortical hormone and after 1 month a new blood test showed that the liver count had become even higher (from 1308 to 1466), but the vet continued the same treatment. Here is the blood sample 2 from 2th February:

Dog with stomach problems


Because I was in Manchester to teach, I was able to give Meg intensive reflexology for 3 days and taught the owner points to massage on Meg. I also suggested homeopathic medicine together with the adrenal cortic hormones.

The elevated liver counts only decreased when she received reflexology

11 days later a new blood test showed that: The liver count HAD FALLED FROM 1466 TO 510 – fantastic as it has helped Meg. Here is the last blood sample:

Dog with stomach problems

Meg after reflexology – the swelling is gone and she is able to lie on the stomach!


Dog with stomach problems

Completely herself again

Meg now is eating, playing and having good walks. The owner is continuing with her reflexology and homeopathy, so we get the liver counts completely right. The vet has taken Meg off the adrenal cortex hormone and has recommended reflexology and the homeopathic medicine, that I suggested. Here you see a healthy Meg who can now lie on her stomach.  

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Vivian Birlie

Vivian Birlie is a reflexologist, acupuncturist and author. Since 1997 she has treated both humans and dogs. She has been teaching reflexology and acupuncture since 2000.

During her long-time as an educator, Vivian Birlie has authored a great deal of teaching material. This background, along with 16 years of experience in journalism and technical computer knowledge at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has made Vivian’s  books possible.

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