Afraid of fireworks etc – dog

Afraid of fireworks etc – dog

Afraid of fireworks etc?  Many dog owners have problems with their dogs who are afraid of fireworks, thunder etc. Here are some points that can help you and your dog from my book: Dog reflexology and acupressure for owners.

The points are known in acupuncture and reflexology to be able to help with anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and over-excitement. At the same time, they are also used to improve concentration and learning. The following applies to all points: Repeat preferably 4-6 times daily.

Below you will see the first points:

The green points are under both the left and right hind paw.
It is a good idea to circulate in each point for 20-30 seconds. The point on the left paw is the left half of the heart, and the point on the right paw is the right half of the heart.
NOTE: If your dog has a serious heart condition, you should avoid this point, as it is the reflex area for the heart. Instead, use the shaded point, which is a gentler way to treat the heart.

The red dot is on both forepaws under the pad at the far end of the depression where the paw goes into the foreleg. Press approx. 40 seconds on
the point.

The next 2 points are acupuncture points:

The blue dot sits right between the eyebrows. Press the point for 40 seconds or gently run your finger up and down the point several times a day.

The red point is an intersection of two lines. One line is the center line at the front of the head. From the front point where the ear is attached to the head, draw a line in
to the first line, the center line. Where they meet, you have the point. Circulate gently and very slowly clockwise for approx. a minute. If you massage in a circular motion with the entire top half of the index finger, instead of just using the tip of the finger, you will hit 4 other points. When you treat these points, you enhance the calming and calming effect. At the same time, the points also have a sleep-inducing effect.

Afraid of fireworks - dog

The brain

In the next point, which is the reflex area for the brain, you work on a significant part of the central nervous system and thus the command center in the body.

Massage in circular motions 10-12 times in a clockwise direction and then pump into the upper half of each of the small foot pads. Remember both hind paws to create balance.

afraid of fireworks 1

Last point

You will find the last point on the front leg between the elbow and “wrist”. If you divide the lower leg into two equal parts, the point of the first part lies slightly below the middle between the two tendons. The point has a strong calming effect and can also be used if your dog gets motion sickness. Press approx. 40 seconds on the point of both front legs.

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afraid of fireworks-dog-2

You can get more tips on how to help your dog with common problems in my book “Dog reflexology and acupressure for owners”. Read more here.

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Vivian Birlie

Vivian Birlie is a reflexologist, acupuncturist and author. Since 1997 she has treated both humans and dogs. She has been teaching reflexology and acupuncture since 2000.

During her long-time as an educator, Vivian Birlie has authored a great deal of teaching material. This background, along with 16 years of experience in journalism and technical computer knowledge at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has made Vivian’s  books possible.

Her 2 books about dog reflexology and acupressure in English are:

  1. “Dog reflexology and acupressure” , a textbook. The Danish edition was released in August 2016 in Denmark and the English version was published in January 2017
  2.  "Dog reflexology and acupressure for owners" (Gyldendal 2019). The Danish edition was published in January 2018. It descibes how you as a dogowner can help your dog (and as a matter of fact cats as well) with pain, discomfort and problems – including behavioral problems

Education and courses:

She teaches at her Sano Canis Institute, which offers a one-year veterinarian certified dog reflexologist education. It takes place in Denmark and England - Read more abot dog reflexology.  Vivian also gives lectures and teaches courses in human acupuncture and reflexology. On her facebook page, you can get good advice on how to relieve the most common disorders in dogs and cats.

Vivian also gives good advice on the Danish Kennel Club's website and Facebook page.

Vivian also gives lectures - contact her to hear more.