Education plan Denmark

Dog reflexology education

Educational plan – 1st lesson

The dog reflexology education in Denmark: Before you have your modules in Denmark, you need to go through some E-learning subjects. You can access them when you have paid for the education. After each subject you will receive a questionnaire, you need to answer. 66% of your answers must be correct to pass the subject.

The first E-learning subject are:

Subject 1: Reflexology, history – The principles of reflexology – How do imbalances appear in dogs? – Dog reflexology contra human reflexology – How does reflexology work? – Research – Causes of imbalances and diseases – Contraindications – Reactions during and after reflexology – Anatomy of the paws and location of the reflex areas – Before a reflexology treatment – How to do reflexology – The technique on the paws – Start-ing the treatment – Ending the treatment – Lotion and oil – Reflex areas.

Subject 2: The brain – Hypothalamus – Thalamus – The pineal gland – The pituitary – The Medulla oblonga-ta – The sinuses/frontal sinuses – Ears – Eyes – Nose – Mouth – The eustachian tube – Lacrimal canaliculi – The urinary system.

Subject 3: The big cardiovascular system – the lesser circulation – The lungs and the bronchi – trachea – lung diseases e.g lungworm, pneumonia, cough – The lymphatic system/immune system: Lymphatic vessels, leu-cocytes, lymphocytes, the red bone marrow, adrenals, thymus, appendix, the thoracic duct, diseases of the immune system, e.g allergy

Subject 4: The function and structure of the nervous system, the neuron, sympaticus and parasympathicus, spinal nerves, dermatomes, myotomes, the vagus nerve, the trigeminal nerve, the sciatica nerve, solar plexusThe digestive system, food allergy, food intolerance, diseases in the digestive system.

Subject 5: TCM: Yin and yang, the 5 elements and their the aspects, the dog’s spiritual aspects, souls and behavior, the Chinese watch

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18th April 2020:
Day 1 in Denmark – 8 hours

  • The reflex areas of the head
  • The reflex areas of the urinary system
  • Students practice
  • The reflex areas of the respiratory system
  • The reflex areas of the lymphaticsystem/immune system
  • Students practice

Teacher: Vivian Birlie

19th April 2020:
Day 2 in Denmark – 8 hours

  • The reflex areas of the nervous system
  • The reflex areas of the detox system
  • Students practice
  • The reflex areas of the digestive system
  • The reflex areas of the cardiovascular system
  • Students practise

Teacher: Vivian Birlie

Price: 2700 EUR


Havnegade 22 C
3600 Frederikssund



Educational plan – 2nd lesson

The next E-learning subjects you now need to take before the next lessons in Denmark are:

Subject 6: The cardiovascular system (The circulatory system), the structure and function of the heart, blood vessels, portal venous system, heartworm, heart diseasesThe hormone system: Hormones, fertility and reproductive organs, the thyroid and parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas, mammary glandsThe skeletal system/the muscle system, the spine, bones and function, musculoskeletal disorders

Subject 7: Muscles controlled by the organs, Blood, Qi

Subject 8: The organs ́ function according to TCM

4th Septembre 2020:
Day 3 in Denmark – 8 hours

  • The reflex areas of the hormonesystem
  • The reflex areas of the skeletalsystem/the muscle system
  • Students practice
  • Reflexology records
  • The meridians
  • Students practice meridians andacupressure points

Teacher: Vivian Birlie

5th Septembre 2020:
Day 4 in Denmark – 8 hours

  • The meridians
  • Students practice the newmeridians and acupressurepoints
  • Students practice all the systems and the meridians and their acupoints
  • Cases – groups and whiteboard

Teacher: Vivian Birlie

6th Septembre 2020:
Day 5 in Denmark – 8 hours

  • Face reflexology
  • Students practice. We are going through the exam case, which you must hand in within one week after the written exam
  • Summary of diagnosis methods (TCM) and and how to treat
  • Students practice all the systems and the meridians and their acupoints

Teacher: Vivian Birlie

Educational plan – 3rd lesson

The next E-learning subjects you now need to take are:

Subject 9: Homeopathy and Bach’s flower remedies

Written exam: multiple choice questions and questions where you have to explain your answers.You need to be on the internet to get the exam questions and after 3 hours, you send your answers to us by email.Your exam case: must be handed to us by mail within a week after the written exam or earlier

Oral examination in Denmark: only if you have passed the written exam. You shall present your exam case and you will be examined in the syllabus.The oral examination is about one month after the written exam. We reserve the right to make changes to this plan, which will be notified to the student as soon as possible.


Written exam: 8th January 2021 – on-line

Oral exam: 5th February 2021 – In Denmark
Your exam case: must be handed to us by mail within 20th January 2021 or earlier

Vivian Birlie

Vivian Birlie is a reflexologist, acupuncturist and author. Since 1997 she has treated both humans and dogs. She has been teaching reflexology and acupuncture since 2000.

During her long-time as an educator, Vivian Birlie has authored a great deal of teaching material. This background, along with 16 years of experience in journalism and technical computer knowledge at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, has made Vivian’s  books possible.

Her 2 books about dog reflexology and acupressure in English are:

  1. “Dog reflexology and acupressure” , a textbook. The Danish edition was released in August 2016 in Denmark and the English version was published in January 2017
  2.  "Dog reflexology and acupressure for owners" (Gyldendal 2019). The Danish edition was published in January 2018. It descibes how you as a dogowner can help your dog (and as a matter of fact cats as well) with pain, discomfort and problems – including behavioral problems

Education and courses:

She teaches at her Sano Canis Institute, which offers a one-year veterinarian certified dog reflexologist education. It takes place in Denmark and England - Read more abot dog reflexology.  Vivian also gives lectures and teaches courses in human acupuncture and reflexology. On her facebook page, you can get good advice on how to relieve the most common disorders in dogs and cats.

Vivian also gives good advice on the Danish Kennel Club's website and Facebook page.

Vivian also gives lectures - contact her to hear more.