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The purpose of the education is to provide the student with a professional approach to practicing reflexology and acupressure on dogs as well as applying other complementary treatment such as homeopathic medicine and Bach’s flower remedies.

You will learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is the theoretical background for reflexology and acupuncture.

You will get a fundamental knowledge of the dog’s anatomy and physiology through lessons on E-learning made by a veterinarian.

This combination of knowledge from the West and the East has proved to be able to help dogs with physical as well as behavioral problems.

The book “Dog reflexology and acupressure” is the first book in the world regarding reflexology on dogs, where the dog's organs and other areas of the body are illustrated anatomically and technically correct. The book is authored by Vivian Birlie and contains clear and precise illustrations compiled by Vivian Birlie with consultancy services in anatomy/physiology from veterinarian Zita Birlie. This book is also the syllabus and the basis for the education.

The education in Denmark:

The education is divided into 9 E-learning subjects and lessons in Denmark. All together you will be in Denmark 3 times. The first part will be 2 days in Denmark, the second part is 3 days and the last time is for the oral examination. Read more about the education plan here.

The education in Manchester, England:

We are now proud to offer you the possibility to study in England. The education is very similiar to the one in Denmark. We combine 9 E-learning subjects and 3 weekends of teaching in Manchester. Read more about the education in Manchester here

You will learn Traditional Chinese Medicine, taught by Vivian Birlie. The reflexology systems on dogs are gone through and the students will practice on dogs. It's highly educated professionals e.g veterinarians who lectures through E-learning.

As a student, you will get an insight into the structure and functions of each organ and organ system, both in detail and in a greater perspective.

It is very important that you practice between the lessons, as reflexology is a craft. Our experience shows that you should practice at least on one dog per week throughout the education to obtain sufficient knowledge and pass the exams.

The Institute offers:

  • Lectures by the author of the book
  • Highly qualified external educators in anatomy, physiology and pathology: Veterinarian Katrine Boel
  • Assignments on the entire syllabus
  • After completion of the education, free supervision via mail is provided
  • The institute’s certificate
  • Registration on the institute's website (list of practitioners for dog owners)
  • Small groups, which ensure optimal learning


The education ends with:

  • A written exam consisting of multiple choice and explanatory questions
  • A written assignment/case with a dog and its owner
  • An oral exam where you will defend the written assignment and be examined in the syllabus


The education at the institute is unique and is not available at any other educational institution.

The price of the education: 2400 Euro

Lectures in Denmark takes place at; Rugvænget 31. 2750 Ballerup, Denmark

Lectures in Manchester, England takes places at; Entheos Holistic Therapies, 14, Clover Croft, Brooklands Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 3PU

We offer our help finding accommodation for you.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking the education in English.


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  Calendar & educationplan Denmark

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  Calendar & educationplan Machester


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